Obama in Office: The First Two Years

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Chapter 1: An Introduction to an Early Assessment of the Obama Presidency James A. Thurber PART I: FROM CAMPAIGNING TO GOVERNING Chapter 2: Obama and the Polarized Public Gary C. Jacobson Chapter 3: Obama and the Public Mood Richard W. Boyd Chapter 4: Obama's Personality and Performance Stephen J. Wayne Chapter 5: Organizing the Obama White House James P. Pfiffner PART II: ON THE HILL AND OFF Chapter 6: Congressional Leadership in Obama's First Two Years Barbara Sinclair Chapter 7: A "Post-Partisan" President in a Partisan Context John E. Owens Chapter 8: Obama's Battle with Lobbyists James A. Thurber PART III: OBAMA AND THE MEDIA Chapter 9: Fall of the Favorite Ron Elving Chapter 10: Communication is Destiny Scott Lilly PART IV: OBAMA AND DOMESTIC POLICY Chapter 11: From Ambition to Desperation on the Budget Joseph White Chapter 12: The Politics of Regulation in the Obama Administration Claudia Hartley Thurber, Esq. Chapter 13: The Obama Administration and Internet Policy Douglas E. Van Houweling PART V: OBAMA AND FOREIGN POLICY Chapter 14: Structural Challenges for American Foreign Policy in the Obama Administration Jonathan Wilkenfeld Chapter 15: The Obama Administration and Counterterrorism Martha Crenshaw Chapter 16: Obama's Use of Prerogative Powers in the War on Terrorism Richard M. Pious Chapter 17: Reclaiming and Rebuilding American Power Lawrence J. Korb and Alexander H. Rothman
A scholarly assessment of President Obama's first 2 years in office.
Autor: James A. Thurber
James A. Thurber is Distinguished University Professor and Director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University. He is author or editor of numerous titles including, most recently, new editions of the classics, Rivals for Power: Presidential-Congressional Relations (2009) and (with Candice J. Nelson) Campaigns and Elections American Style: Transforming American Politics (2009).

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Autor: James A. Thurber
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