Public Sociology and Civil Society: Governance, Politics, and Power

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Acknowledgments 1 Introduction: Public Sociology and Civil Society in the Context of Governance Part I: The Politics of Knowledge 2 Public Sociology: Locating the Argument 3 Public Sociology as Knowledge, Politics, and Portrayal Part II: The Expansion of Governing 4 Civil Society and the Origins of the Expansion of Governing 5 The Transformation of the State Thesis Part III: Power and Practice 6 Governing Texts 7 NGOs, the State, and Governance as Rites of Rule 8 Conclusion: Beyond Knowledge Production as the Reproduction of the Present References Index Credits About the Author
Combines various academic understandings of the practice of knowledge and governance in relation to conceptions of public sociology and civil society.
Autor: Patricia Mooney Nickel
Patricia Mooney Nickel is a political sociologist and critical social theorist in the School of Social and Cultural Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. She has published in the areas of critical social theory, public sociology, philanthropy and the nonprofit sector, and the sociology of governing. She is currently beginning work on a project that explores the themes of North American critical theory after postmodernism.

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Autor: Patricia Mooney Nickel
ISBN-13 :: 9781594519765
ISBN: 1594519765
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