Global Crises and the Challenges of the 21st Century

Political Economy of the World
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1 "Crisis, What Crisis?" Immanuel Wallerstein 2 Long-Term World-Systemic Crises: "An Sich" or "Von Sich"? W. L. Goldfrank 3 Belated Decolonization: South Africa, Northern Ireland, and Israel/Palestine Compared Gershon Shafir 4 Democratizing Global Governance: Strategy and Tactics in Evolutionary Perspective Christopher Chase-Dunn and Bruce Lerro 5 Violence, the Sacred, and the Global System: Using an Indigenous Identity Framework to Address Problems of the World-System Michelle M. Jacob 6 Farm Labor and the Catholic Church in California: The Tortilla Priest and the People of the Corn Alberto Lopez Pulido 7 Treadmills, Rifts, and Environmental Degradation: A Cross-National Panel Study, 1970-2000 Andrew K. Jorgenson and Brett Clark 8 Islam, Immigration, Laicite, and Leitkultur Bahar Davary 9 A Critical View of Wallerstein's Utopistics from Dussel's Transmodernity: From Monoepistemic Global/Imperial Designs to Pluri-Epistemic Solutions Ramon Grosfoguel 10 The Quasi-Europes: World Regions in Light of the Imperial Difference Manuela Boatca 11 Neither Global nor National: Novel Assemblages of Territory, Authority, and Rights Saskia Sassen 12 The Global Street Comes to Wall Street Saskia Sassen
Despite prognostications of the end of history, the 21st century has posed new challenges and a host of global crises. This book takes up the current global economic crisis in relation to new and changing dynamics of territory, authority, and rights in today 's global system. The authors explore long simmering conflicts in comparative perspective, including settler colonialism in South Africa, Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine. They discuss indigenous struggles against environmental land grabs and related destruction of indigenous lands by the US nuclear weapons complex. The book uniquely considers the sacred in the context of the global system, including struggles of Latina/o farm workers in the U.S. for social justice and for change in the Catholic Church. Other chapters examine questions of civilizations and identity in the contemporary global system, as well as the role of world-regions.
Autor: Thomas Reifer
Thomas Reifer, University of California, Riverside, is a coauthor with Immanuel Wallerstein et. al of The Age of Transition (Zed Books, 1996). Dr. Reifer studies large-scale, long-term social change, focusing on the political economy of organized violence in the American Century.

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Autor: Thomas Reifer
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