Elder Care Catastrophe: Rituals of Abuse in Nursing Homes and What You Can Do about It

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As the baby boom generation enters retirement age, greater numbers of people eventually will enter nursing homes. Portraying people who have lived in worked in long-term facilities, and family members struggling with nursing home issues, "Elder Care Catastrophe" reveals how organizational dynamics and everyday rituals have unintentionally led to resident neglect and abuse. It is the only book on nursing homes to use systematic research and sociological theory to understand different types of nursing home maltreatment. The book provides critical information to any lay person, nursing home employee, policymaker, student or researcher concerned with elder care issues, and offers alternative models for lessening the maltreatment of people living in nursing homes.
Autor: Jason Ulsperger, J. David Knottnerus
Jason S. Ulsperger, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Arkansas Tech University, has been a volunteer in nursing homes throughout the southern United States. He is the author of multiple articles on nursing home law, elder abuse, and nursing home reform. J. David Knottnerus is Professor of Sociology at Oklahoma State University. He has authored and coedited numerous articles and books in the areas of social theory, social psychology, and social structure/inequality.

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Autor: Jason Ulsperger
ISBN-13 :: 9781594519079
ISBN: 1594519072
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