Subjects in Process: Diversity, Mobility, and the Politics of Subjectivity in the 21st Century

Interventions: Education, Phil
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1. Subjects in the Margins Leonor Arfuch 2. Sociologizing Global Youth Cultures: The Genealogy of a Discourse of Subjects in Process Tina (A. C.) Besley 3. Becoming Selves with/in Landscapes and across Borders Bronwyn Davies, Bodil Halvars-Franzen, Hillevi Lenz Taguchi,Farzaneh Moinian, Kajsa Ohrlander, and Anna Palmer 4. And the Debate on Subjectivity Does Not End Rosa Nidia Buenfil Burgos 5. Fantasies of "Chineseness" and the Traffic in Women from Mainland China to Hong Kong in Fruit Chan's Durian Durian Pheng Cheah 6. Cultural Contact and the Turn to the Subject Alicia de Alba 7. Not Neo-Marxist, Not Post-Marxist, Not Marxian:Some Notes on Critical Pedagogy and Marxist Thought Peter McLaren 8. Bodies of Knowledge and Knowledges of the Body Michael A. Peters 9. The Subject in Honigswald's New Kantian Transcendental Philosophy-or Why Culture and Subject Are One Monika Witsch 10. The Nomadic Existence of the Eternal Improviser and Diasporic Co-poiesis in the Era of Mega-speed Ilan Gur-Ze'ev 11. Ernesto Laclau. Interview Alicia de Alba
Explores the human subject in the first decade of the 21st century in relation to changing social circumstances, globalisation and postmodern theory.
Editiert von: Michael A. Peters, Alicia Gaspar De Alba
Michael A. Peters is Research Professor of Education at the University of Glasgow (UK) and holds posts as Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of Auckland. He is the author most recently of Poststructuralism and Educational Research (Rowman and Littlefield, 2004). He is Executive Editor of Educational Philosophy and Theory (Carfax) and co-editor of the new on-line journal Policy Futures in Education. Alicia de Alba is Professor of Education at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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Autor: Michael A. Peters
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