Science Fiction Theatre a History of the Television Program, 1955-57

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From 1955 to 1957, Science Fiction Theatre, a semi-documentary series, explored the "what ifs" of modern science. Placing an emphasis on science before fiction, television viewers were treated to a variety of complex challenges from mental telepathy, robots, man-eating ants, killer trees, man's first flight into outer space and the possibility of visitation from outer space. Hosted by Truman Bradley, a former radio news commentator, Science Fiction Theatre became an influential program for the time, courtesy of Ivan Tors, a man with a healthy regard for science and nature. Hollywood actors Gene Barry, Ruth Hussey, Gene Lockhart, Basil Rathbone, Howard Duff, William Lundigan and Vincent Price are but a few who lent their talents.
For the first time ever, this 530-page book documents the entire history of the television program with biographies about Fred Ziv, Ivan Tors and Truman Bradley; behind-the-scenes production details; over 150 exclusive never-before-published photographs; and an episode guide for all 78 episodes including dates of production, fake science props, cast list, salary fees, location shooting, and much more!

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