TV Neighbors: Westport and Weston Television Personalities 1946-2003

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Not long after the end of World War II, television began to comeinto its own as an important household entertainment and informational
medium. In the 1950s, New York expanded as the major broadcast hub
for a wide spectrum of programs: dramatic anthologies, soap operas, quiz
shows, sporting events, variety shows, newscasts, and "spectaculars" of
every sort. And to maintain these extensive weekly schedules, more and
more actors, emcees, musicians, news journalists and sportscasters turned
to the far-reaching and influential new medium.

Westport and Weston, Connecticut contributed a fair number of on-camera
pioneers to the new medium, having already had the well-deserved
reputation as home to artists and entertainers. A number of writers and
producers also chose Westport as the setting for their sitcoms. These
video pioneers, Westport and Weston TV Neighbors, helped to establish
the fledgling medium.

This book grew out of an exhibit, Westport and Weston TV Neighbors, at
the Westport, Connecticut, Historical Society. It inaugurated the Society's new
Betty and Ralph Sheffer Exhibition Hall in 2003.

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ISBN: 1593936494
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