Beyond Fear Reflections on Stephen King, Wes Craven, and George Romero S Living Dead

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Stephen King, Wes Craven and George Romero are known for tales of ghosts, zombies and madmen - but their power as storytellers extends far beyond things that go bump in the night. At the deepest level, their stories are about the light that emerges from darkness, guarded hope for the future, and faith in the great unknown. Beyond Fear draws on decades of interviews to reveal the worldviews of three modern masters of horror - from the romantic idealism of George Romero to the intellectual spirituality of Wes Craven to the hard-­won humanism of Stephen King.
Joseph Maddrey is the author of Nightmares in Red, White and Blue and The Making of T.S. Eliot, co-­author of Not Bad for a Human: The Life and Films of Lance Henriksen and the graphic novel To Hell You Ride, and editor of A Strange Idea of Entertainment: Conversations with Tom McLoughlin. He has also written and produced a variety of TV shows, including seven seasons of the Discovery Channel series A Haunting. Joe lives in Studio City, California, with his wife Liza and daughter Olivia.

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Autor: Joseph Maddrey
ISBN-13 :: 9781593935917
ISBN: 1593935919
Erscheinungsjahr: 10.07.2014
Gewicht: 449g
Seiten: 336
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 229x152x18 mm
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