Character Kings 2: Hollywood's Familiar Faces Discuss the Art & Business of Acting (Hardback)

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Character Kings 2 continues to examine the careers of the busiest men in Hollywood, featuring 15 all-new interviews with the industry's most recognizable actors. Filled with behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the making of movies and TV shows, tips on how to prepare for auditions, the techniques that bring a character to life and the secrets to earning a living in a highly competitive industry, Character Kings 2 offers more instructive lessons about the art and business of acting.

"For those of us who live and breathe the movies, Character Kings 2 is a must-read that weaves a fascinating overview of what it takes to be a successful working actor in Hollywood." -- David Del Valle, Films In Review

"Scott Voisin draws terrific insights from an impressive assortment of our finest character actors, managing to deepen a movie lover's appreciation of these phenomenal talents. The book is a revelation for all fans of great acting." -- Jamey DuVall, host of Movie Geeks United!

"Character actors are a prized species in Hollywood, and Scott Voisin's book selects the cream of today's crop. The actors regale us with some marvelous stories of blood, sweat and fate." -- Tim Lucas, editor of Video Watchdog

"Scott Voisin's Character Kings book series is full of lessons for the filmmaking artist and fan; from its rare perspective on the profession to the survival of the actors who are as important to a movie as its stars." -- John Huff,

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Autor: Scott Voisin
ISBN-13 :: 9781593935818
ISBN: 1593935811
Erscheinungsjahr: 29.05.2014
Gewicht: 594g
Seiten: 318
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 229x152x19 mm
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