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Beyond Bonjour and Adieu! This third edition of The Pocket Idiot's Guide(tm) to French Phrases includes updated information on technology and transportation, shopping, dining, and dealing with emergencies, as well as a brand-new business travel section. Whether they're preparing for a vacation or a business trip, this must- have guide provides readers with all the phrases needed to communicate with native French speakers-and even sound like one. . According to the World Tourism Organization, France is the world's top tourist destination . As a foreign language, French is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English . Beginning-level foreign language Complete Idiot's Guides(r) have been among the series' most consistently successful performers
Autor: Gail Stein
Gail Stein is the author of over 27 books on foreign languages, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Spanish, French at a Glance, and The Traveler's Phrase Book.

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Autor: Gail Stein
ISBN-13 :: 9781592579044
ISBN: 1592579043
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