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North American Indians are not merely a historical topic. Instead, today's Native Americans are living, productive members of North American society. The contributions of the various Indian cultures enrich our lives in countless ways. For instance, "Indians have the strongest sense of place of anyone in the world," says Amy Mossett, a Native scholar (quoted in the New York Times). This sense of place is reflected in American Indians' connection to the Earth, an intimate relationship that has concrete implications for the way we handle environmental issues. Indians' connection to the traditions of their ancestors is also strong. At the same time, however, Native Americans are modern people confronting the challenges of today's world. They gain strength for the present from their deep foundations in the past. What's more, Native traditions and wisdom have much to offer us all. North American Indians Today portrays contemporary Indians within the present-day context of their relationship to their land, their past, their traditions, and their 21-st century realities. The heritage and history of each tribe is given as background to chapters on the current government, society, culture, religion, contributions, challenges, and goals of each tribe. Each volume was written with the help of Native people, and tribal leaders and scholars reviewed and approved the text for their tribes. The series consultant, a Native American expert from the University of Nebraska, ensured that the text is free from cultural bias. This series' respectful and accurate text, as well as the color photographs and Native artwork, will give readers a broader understanding of today's North American Indians, theirconnection to their land and their past, and their contributions to our modern-day world.

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