Sadie Witt Mysteries
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The Witt's End Resort in Northern Minnesota will never be the same when Sadie Witt assumes the role of funeral director's helper after the untimely murder of the previous assistant. After skeletal remains are discovered under Cabin 12, Sadie and her sister set out to solve a murder and reveal a secret that ties a prominent community member to a notorious crime operation.
Shenanigans abound when the resort manager unwittingly rents Cabin 12 to the funeral director's ex-husband, a raucous character who causes one outrageous funeral mishap after another.
Flamboyant Sadie isn't your typical sixty-four year old senior citizen. The recently departed arrive at Witt's End with issues and she has no choice but to help them unravel their puzzles.
BE ...If you think Cabin 12 conceals a mystery, don't check into Cabin 14, because no guest ever leaves alive!

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Autor: Beth Solheim
ISBN-13 :: 9781590806661
ISBN: 1590806662
Gewicht: 277g
Seiten: 273
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 201x127x20 mm
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