Environmental Genomics

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C. Cristofre Martin
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Concise protocols to conduct genomic and molecular biology analysis
Methods in Molecular Biology - Environmental Genomics

Preface - C. Cristofre Martin

Section 1: Gene expression profiling


1. High-throughput Whole Mount in situ Hybridization of Zebrafish
Embryos for Analysis Tissue Specific Gene Expression Changes Following
Environmental Perturbation.
Louise E. Coverdale, Lindsay E. Burton, and C. Cristofre Martin

2. Fluorescent RNA Arbitrarily Primed (FRAP) PCR - A New Differential
Display Approach To Detect Contaminant-Induced Alterations Of Gene
Expression In Wildlife Species.
Doug Crump, Suzanne Chiu, Vance Trudeau & Sean Kennedy

3. Isolation of O3-response Genes from Arabidopsis thaliana using cDNA
Masanori Tamaoki

4. Use Of cDNA Macroarrays And Gene Profiling For Detection Of Effects
By Environmental Toxicants.
Jason L. Blum, Melinda S. Prucha, Vishal J. Patel, and Nancy D.

5. Constructing and Screening a cDNA library: Methods for
Identification and Characterization of Novel Genes Expressed Under
Conditions of Environmental Stress.
Kevin Larade and Kenneth B. Storey

6. Comparative Molecular Physiological Genomics: Heterologous probing
of cDNA arrays.
Sean F. Eddy and Kenneth B. Storey

7. Proteomic Analysis of Neuroendocrine Peptidergic System Disruption
Using the AtT20 Pituitary Cell Line as a Model.
Fumin Dong, Liming Ma, Michel Chrétien and Majambu Mbikay

8 Proteomics Based Method For Risk Assessment Of Peroxisome
Proliferating Pollutants In The Marine Environment.
Susana Cristobal

9. Environmental Metabolomics using 1H NMR Spectroscopy.
Mark R. Viant
Section 2: Detection of whole genome mutation

10. Restriction Landmark Genome Scanning for the Detection of Mutations.
Jun-ichi Asakawa,

11. Use of the Comet Assay in Environmental Toxicology.
Loren Knopper and James P. McNamee

12. TheMicronucleus Assay Determination of Chromosomal Level DNA
Michael Fenech

13. Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) For The Detection Of
Chromosome Aberrations And Aneuploidy Induced By Environmental
Francesca Pacchierotti and Antonella Sgura

14. Laboratory Methods For The Detection Of Chromosomal Structural
Aberrations In Human And Mouse Sperm By Fluorescence In Situ
Hybridization (FISH).
Francesco Marchetti, Debby Cabreros and Andrew J Wyrobek

Section 3: Determination of Species Diversity

15. Assembling DNA Barcodes: Analytical Protocols.
Jeremy R. deWaard, Natalia V. Ivanova, Mehrdad Hajibabaei and Paul D.N.

16. Application of Suppressive Subtractive Hybridization to Uncover the
Metagenomic Diversity of Environmental Samples.
Elizabeth A. Galbraith, Dionysios A. Antonopoulos and Bryan A. White

17. 16S rRNA Targeted DGGE Fingerprinting Of Microbial Communicities.
Vesela A. Tzeneva, Hans G. H. J. Heilig, Wilma Akkermans van Vliet,
Antoon D. L. Akkermans, Willem M. de Vos, Hauke Smidt

18. An Emulsion PCR-Based Method for Molecular Haplotyping.
James G. Wetmur and Jia Chen
Here is a manual for an environmental scientist who wishes to embrace genomics to answer environmental questions. The volume covers: gene expression profiling, whole genome and chromosome mutation detection, and methods to assay genome diversity and polymorphisms within a particular environment. This book provides a systematic framework for determining environmental impact and ensuring human health and the sustainability of natural populations.

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