Polyamine Cell Signaling: Physiology, Pharmacology, and Cancer Research
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Polyamine Cell Signaling: Physiology, Pharmacology, and Cancer Research

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Jian-Ying Wang
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Part I. Polyamines in Signal Transduction of Cell Proliferation
Polyamine Structure and Synthetic Analogs
Patrick M. Woster

Acute Increases in Intracellular Putrescine Lead to the Increase in Steady-State Levels of c-fos, c-jun, RING3, and Id-1 mRNAs
Allan A. Ancheta, Leo Hawel, III, and Craig V. Byus

Polyamine-Dependent Early Cellular Signals and Cell Proliferation
Stina M. Oredsson

Cellular Signals Mediating Growth Arrest After Polyamine Depletion
Jian-Ying Wang

Role of Polyamines in the Regulation of Chromatin Acetylation
Cheryl A. Hobbs and Susan K. Gilmour

Role of Polyamines in Regulation of Sequence-Specific DNA Binding Activity
Sripriya Venkiteswaran, Thresia Thomas, and T. J. Thomas

Polyamine Metabolism and the Hypertrophic Heart
Lisa M. Shantz and Emanuele Giordano

Influence of Polyamines on Breast Cancer Biology
Andrea Manni

Polyamines in Regulation of Prostatic Cell Growth
Raymond G. Schipper, Vincent Cuijpers, Johannes C. Romijn, and Albert A. J. Verhofstad

Polyamines in Kidney Biology
Joseph Satriano

Polyamines in Pulmonary Vascular Biology
Jack W. Olson and Mark N. Gillespie

Part II. Polyamines in Cellular Signaling of Apoptosis, Carcinogenesis, and Cancer Therapy

Recent Advances in the Understanding of Mammalian Polyamine Catabolism: The Regulation and Potential Role of Polyamine Catabolism in Drug Response and Disease Processes
Robert A. Casero, Jr., Alison V. Fraser, Tracy Murray-Stewart, Amy Hacker, Naveen Babbar, Jennifer Fleischer, and Yanlin Wang

Cellular Signaling and Polyamines in the Control of Apoptosis in Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Leonard R. Johnson and Ramesh M. Ray

The Role of Ornithine Decarboxylase in Myc-Induced Tumorigenesis
Jonas A. Nilsson and John L. Cleveland

Protective Effect of Polyamines on NSAID-Induced Injury and Apoptosis
Heather M. Wallace and Alun Hughes

Role of Polyamines in the Control of the Immune Response in the Brain
Denis Soulet and Serge Rivest

Implication of Polyamines in Apoptosis of Immunoresponse Cells
Rupesh Chaturvedi and Keith T. Wilson

Polyamines and Cancer
Ajit K. Verma

Polyamine Pools and Cancer Prevention
Eugene W. Gerner and David E. Stringer

Part III. Polyamines in Cell Motility and Cell-Cell Interactions

Polyamines and Cytoskeletal Regulation During Intestinal Epithelial Restitution
Ramesh M. Ray and Leonard R. Johnson

Regulation of Kv Channel Activity and Intercellular Junctions by Polyamines in Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Jaladanki N. Rao and Jian-Ying Wang

Polyamine Block of Kir Channels: Toward a Molecular Picture
Harley T. Kurata and Colin G. Nichols

Part IV. Polyamine Homeostasis and Transport

Regulation of Ornithine Decarboxylase Expression
Lo Persson

Evidence for a Multistep Model for Eukaryotic Polyamine Transport
Richard Poulin, Denis Soulet, Bruno Gagnon, Serge Rivest, and Marie Audette

Bacterial and Eukaryotic Transport Systems
Kazuei Igarashi and Keiko Kashiwagi

Regulation of S-Adenosylmethionine Decarboxylase
Colin Hanfrey

Genetic Engineering of Polyamine Catabolism in Transgenic Mice and Rats
Juhani Jänne, Leena Alhonen, Marko Pietilä, Tuomo A. Keinänen, Suvikki Suppola, Eija Pirinen, Mervi T. Hyvönen, Aki Järvinen, and Markku Laakso

Polyamines are organic cations found in all eukaryotic cells and intimately involved in, and required for, distinct biological functions. An increasing body of evidence indicates that the regulation of cellular polyamines is a central convergence point for the multiple signaling pathways driving various cellular functions. Over the last decade, considerable progress has been made in und- standing the molecular functions of cellular polyamines. These significant findings provide a fundamental basis to not only define the exact role of polyamines in physiology, but also to develop new therapeutic approaches for cancers and other diseases. The major objective of this book is to provide a timely and long lasting guide for investigators in the fields of polyamines, physiology, pharmacology, and cancer research. It will provide a foundation based on research and address the potential for subsequent applications in clinical practice. Polyamine Cell Signaling: Physiology, Pharmacology, and Cancer Research is divided into four main parts: Part I: Polyamines in Signal Transduction of Cell Proliferation Part II: Polyamines in Cellular Signaling of Apoptosis, Carcinogenesis, and Cancer Therapy Part III: Polyamines in Cell Motility and Cell-Cell Interactions Part IV: Polyamine Homeostasis and Transport This book not only covers the current state-of-the-art findings relevant to cellular and molecular functions of polyamines, but also provides the underlying conceptual basis and knowledge regarding potential therapeutic targeting of polyamines and polyamine metabolism. These points are addressed by int- nationally recognized experts in their contributions to this book.

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