Bronchial Asthma

A Guide for Practical Understanding and Treatment
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Part I. Definitions and Host Responses to Bronchospasm
The Origins and Characteristics of Asthma
Russell J. Hopp and Robert G. Townley
Part II. Patient Management Diagnosing Allergic Asthma
Gerald L. Klein
How the Pulmonary Function Laboratory Contributes to the Management of the Patient With Asthma
Richard E. Kanner and Theodore G. Liou
Treatment of Asthma in Children
Christopher Chang
Adult-Onset Asthma
Samuel Louie, Nicholas J. Kenyon, Kimberly A. Hardin, and Ken Y. Yoneda
The Patient With Asthma in the Emergency Department
Donna Kinser
Severe Asthma: From ICU to Discharge
Brian M. Morrissey, Nicholas J. Kenyon, and Timothy E. Albertson
Complementary/Alternative Therapies in Asthma
Andrea Borchers, Carl L. Keen, and M. Eric Gershwin
Part III. Special Clinical Problems
The Pregnant Patient With Asthma
Arif M. Seyal
Infectious and Environmental Triggers of Asthma
Laurel J. Gershwin
Exercise-Induced Asthma: Sports and Athletes
Rahmat Afrasiabi
How Can Foods, Additives, and Drugs Affect the Patient With Asthma?
Suzanne S. Teuber
Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis: An Evolving Challenge in Asthma
Brian M. Morrissey and Samuel Louie
Occupational Asthma: A Special Environmental Interaction
Nicholas J. Kenyon, Brian M. Morrissey, and Timothy E. Albertson
Anesthesia for Patients With Asthma
Dennis L. Fung
How Recreational Drugs Affect Asthma
Timothy E. Albertson, Steve Offerman, and Nicholas J. Kenyon
Part IV. Living With Asthma
Self-Management in Asthma: Empowering the Patient
Arvind Kumar and M. Eric Gershwin
The Challenge of Asthma in Minority Populations
Albin B. Leong
Asthma and the Law
Charles Bond
Hailed by professional journals and esteemed by primary care doctors everywhere, Bronchial Asthma: A Guide for Practical Understanding and Treatment has been fully updated to help physicians face the challenge of diagnosis and the management of asthma in every variety of patient subpopulation. Although this fifth edition continues to emphasize the definition, medications, and use of asthma treatment plans, it also focuses on the special needs patient, including the pediatric patient, the pregnant patient, and the patient undergoing surgery, as well as on the perennial issues of exercise and asthma, pulmonary aspergillosis, occupation, recreational drug use, and psychological/social considerations. Highlights for the fifth edition include a liberal use of tables and charts to make the book more practical and user-friendly, updates on the many new pharmaceuticals used to treat asthma, and first-time sections on food sensitivity and the diagnosis of asthma. Authoritative and easy to use, Bronchial Asthma: A Guide for Practical Understanding and Treatment, Fifth Edition, continues the high standard established by the earlier editions, providing a basic framework for successful individualized treatment of all patients suffering from this debilitating disease.

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