Microchip-Based Assay Systems

Methods and Applications
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Pierre N. Floriano
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In this volume, leading scientists present technically precise microchip-based assays for a variety of applications. Coverage includes methods for microchip electrophoresis for DNA separation, an on-chip bioassay that uses immobilized sensing bacteria in a three-dimensional microfluidic network, and impedimetric detection for DNA hybridization within microfluidic biochips. In addition, the book also covers such molecular diagnostic and immunologic protocols as microchip-based enumeration of human white blood cells, microchip diagnosis of cervical cancer, and protocols for DNA microchips toward molecular signatures in cervical cancer. Several chapters are also devoted to topics in microarray technology, including applications of functional protein microarrays, protein-array based multiplexed cytokine assays, and lectin microarrays for glycoprotein assays.
Table of Contents / Microchip-based Assay Systems / Ed. Pierre N. Floriano

Microchip Electrophoresis for DNA Separation by Wire-Imprinted Microchannels on PMMA Substrates
Shu-Hui Chen

Fabrication of Porous Polymer Monoliths in Microfluidic Chips for Selective Nucleic Acid Concentration and Purification
Jay A. A. West, Brent C. Satterfield

Rapid Electrical Lysis of Bacterial Cells in a Microfluidic Device
Hsiang-Yu Wang, Padmapriya P. Banada, Dr. Arun Bhunia , Chang Lu

On-Chip Bioassay Using Immobilized Sensing Bacteria in Three-Dimensional Microfluidic Network
Hirofumi Tani, Koji Maehana, Tamio Kamidate

Microchip-based Enumeration of Human White Blood Cells
Pierre Floriano, Shelley Acosta, Nick Christodoulides, John T. McDevitt

Microchip for the Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer
Anja Gulliksen, Frank Karlsen

DNA Microchips Towards Molecular Signatures in Cervical Cancers
Yick F. Wong, Tony K.H. Chung, Vivian W. Wang, David I. Smith

Impedimetric-Detection for DNA Hybridization within Microfluidic Biochips
Louise Lingerfelt, James Karlinsey, James P. Landers, Anthony Guiseppi-Elie

Applications of Functional Protein Microarrays: Identifying Protein-Protein Interactions in an Array Format
Matthew A. Coleman, Peter T. Beernink, Julio A. Camarero, Joanna S Albala

A Microchip-based Assay for Interleukin-6
Nicolaos Christodoulides, Prya Dharsham, Jorge Wong, Pierre N. Floriano , Dean Neikirk , John T. McDevitt

Allergen Microarrays for the Diagnosis of Specific IgE Against Components of Cow milk and Hen Egg in a Multiplex Biochip-based Immunoassay
Christian Harwanegg, Sabine Hutter, Reinhard Hiller

Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging on Polypyrrole Protein Chips: Application to Streptavidin Immobilization and Immunodetection
Emilie MERCEY, Ludivine GROSJEAN, Andre Roget, ThierryLIVACHE

Protein Array-based Multiplexed Cytokine Assays
Cheng C. Wang

Lectin Microarrays for Glycoprotein Analysis
Lara K. Mahal, Kanoelani Pilobello

Interaction of HIV RNA with Peptides Detected by Acoustic Shear Wave Sensor Operated in an On-line Format
Anil Deisingh, Satie Siewah , Nardos Tassew, Michael Thompson

Microchip-based Electrochemical Enzyme Immunoassays
Madhu Prakash Chatrathi, Greg Collins, Joseph Wang
This cutting-edge book explores recent progress in the microelectronics arena. It examines the resultant miniaturization of component device features to nanometer size particles, and the ensuing growth in the development and use of microchip-based techniques in leading laboratories around the world. In the sixteen chapters of this volume, leading scientists present technically precise microchip-based assays for a variety of applications.

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