Vascular Biology Protocols

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Nair Sreejayan
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139, Methods in Molecular Medicine

A comprehensive manual in the broad and deep field of cardiovascular medicine, this volume covers a wide spectrum of techniques encompassing biochemical, pharmacological and molecular biology disciplines currently used to assess vascular disease progression.
Table of Contents Preface Contributors Rat Carotid Artery Balloon Injury Model David A. Tulis Histological and Morphometric Analyses for Rat Carotid Artery Balloon Injury David A. Tulis Plaque Rupture Model in Mice Takeshi Sasaki, Kae Nakamura and Masafumi Kuzuya Immunostaining of Mouse Atherosclerotic Lesions Hong Lu, Debra L. Rateri and Alan Daugherty Surgical Animal Model of Ventricular Hypertrophy Giuseppe Marano and Alberto U. Ferrari Animal Models of Hypertension Brett M. Mitchell, Thomas Wallerath and Ulrich Förstermann Rat Models of Cardiac Insulin Resistance Sanjoy Ghosh, Brian Rodrigues and Jun Ren The Isolated, Perfused Pseudo-Working Heart Model Gary J. Grover and Rajni Singh Altering and Analyzing Glucose Metabolism in Perfused Hearts of Transgenic Mice Rajakumar V. Donthi and Paul N. Epstein Methods in Evaluation of Cardiovascular Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Activation and Oxidative Stress Camila Manrique, Guido Lastra, Javad Habibi, Yongzhong Wei, E. Matthew Morris, Craig S. Stump and James R. Sowers Detection and Quantification of Apoptosis in the Vasculature Wendy A. Boivin and David J. Granville Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Isolation, Characterization and Viral Transduction Keith R. Brunt, Sean RR Hall, Christopher A. Ward and Luis G. Melo Assessment of Endothelial Damage/Dysfunction: A Focus on Circulating Endothelial Cells Christopher J Boos, Andrew D. Blann and Gregory Y. H. Lip Evaluation of Endothelial Function by In-VivoMicroscopy Rosario Scalia Haptotaxis of Endothelial Cell Migration under Flow Steve Hsu, Rahul Thakar, and Song Li Isolation Culture and Functional Analysis of Adult Mouse Cardiomyocytes Ronglih Liao and Mohit Jain Mechanical Measurement of Contractile Function of Isolated Ventricular Myocytes Loren E. Wold and Jun Ren Studying Ischemia and Reperfusion in Isolated Neonatal Rat Ventricular Myocytes Using Coverslip Hypoxia Kelly R. Pitts and Christopher F. Toombs Isolation and Functional Studies of Rat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells Nair Sreejayan and Xiaoping Yang Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species and Nitric Oxide in Vascular Cells and Tissues: Comparison of Sensitivity and Specificity. Hua Cai, Sergey Dikalov, Kathy K. Griendling and David G. Harrison Assessment of Protein Glycoxidation in Ventricular Tissues Shi-Yan Li and Jun Ren Assessment of PI-3 kinase and Akt in Ischemic Heart Diseases in Diabetes Takashi Matsui and Amy J. Davidoff Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis in Platelet Proteomics Research Ángel García-Alonso Stem Cell Therapy in the Heart and Vasculature Loren E. Wold, Wangde Dai, Joan S. Dow and Robert A. Kloner
Over the past decades, the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases have been benefited significantly from intensive research activities. In order to provide a comprehensive "manual" in a field that has become as broad and deep as cardiovascular medicine, this volume of "Methods in Molecular Medicine" covers a wide spectrum of in vivo and in vitro techniques encompassing biochemical, pharmacological and molecular biology disciplines which are currently used to assess vascular disease progression. Each chapter included in this volume focuses on a specific vascular biology technique and describes various applications as well as caveats of these techniques. The protocols included here are described in detail, allowing beginners with little experience in the field of vascular biology to embark on new research projects.

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