Plant Cell Culture Protocols

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Part I. Introduction
An Introduction to Plant Cell Culture: Back to the Future
Victor M. Loyola-Vargas and Felipe Vázquez-Flota

History of Plant Tissue Culture
Trevor A. Thorpe

Part II. Cell Culture and Plant Regeneration: The Fundamentals

Pathogen and Biological Contamination Management: The Road Ahead
Alan C. Cassells and Barbara M. Doyle

Growth Measurements: Estimation of Cell Division and Cell Expansion
Gregorio Godoy-Hernández and Felipe A. Vázquez-Flota

Callus and Suspension Culture Induction, Maintenance, and Characterization
Alejandrina Robledo-Paz, María Nélida, Vázquez-Sánchez, Rosa María Adame-Alvarez, and Alba Estela Jofre-Garfias

Measurement of Cell Viability in In Vitro Cultures
Lizbeth A. Castro-Concha, Rosa María Escobedo, and María de Lourdes Miranda-Ham

Cryopreservation of Embryogenic Cell Suspensions by Encapsulation-Vitrification
Qiaochun Wang and Avihai Perl

Somatic Embryogenesis in Picea Suspension Cultures
Claudio Stasolla

Indirect Somatic Embryogenesis in Cassava for Genetic Modification Purposes
Krit Raemakers, Isolde Pereira, Herma Koehorst van Putten, and Richard Visser

Direct Somatic Embryogenesis in Coffea canephora
Francisco Quiroz-Figueroa, Miriam Monforte-González, Rosa M. Galaz-Ávalos, and Victor M. Loyola-Vargas

Part III. Plant Propagation In Vitro

A New Temporary Immersion Bioreactor System for Micropropagation
Manuel L. Robert, José Luis Herrera-Herrera, Gastón Herrera-Herrera, Miguel Ángel Herrera-Alamillo, and Pedro Fuentes-Carrillo

Protocol to Achieve Photoautotrophic Coconut Plants Cultured In Vitro With Improved Performance Ex Vitro
Gabriela Fuentes, Carlos Talavera, Yves Desjardins, and Jorge M. Santamaría

Use of Statistics in Plant Biotechnology
Michael E. Compton

AnEfficient Method for the Micropropagation of Agave Species
Manuel L. Robert, José Luis Herrera-Herrera, Eduardo Castillo, Gabriel Ojeda, and Miguel Angel Herrera-Alamillo

Micropropagation of Endangered Plant Species
Zhihua Liao, Min Chen, Xiaofen Sun, and Kexuan Tang

Clonal Propagation of Softwoods
Trevor A. Thorpe, Indra S. Harry, and Edward C. Yeung

Part IV. Applications for Plant Protoplasts

Isolation, Culture, and Plant Regeneration From Leaf Protoplasts of Passiflora
Michael R. Davey, Paul Anthony, J. Brian Power, and Kenneth C. Lowe

Isolation, Culture, and Plant Regeneration From Echinacea purpurea Protoplasts
Zeng-guang Pan, Chun-zhao Liu, Susan J. Murch, and Praveen K. Saxena

Production of Cybrids in Brassicaceae Species
Maksym Vasylenko, Olga Ovcharenko, Yuri Gleba, and Nikolay Kuchuk

Guard Cell Protoplasts: Isolation, Culture, and Regeneration of Plants
Gary Tallman

Production of Interspecific Hybrid Plants in Primula
Juntaro Kato and Masahiro Mii

Part V. Protocols for Genomic Manipulation

Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Petunia Leaf Discs
Ingrid M. van der Meer

Transformation of Wheat Via Particle Bombardment
Indra K. Vasil and Vilma Vasil

Chloroplast Transformation
Xiao-Mei Lu, Wei-Bo Yin, and Zan-Min Hu

The Biochemical Basis for the Resistance to Aluminum and Their Potential as Selection Markers
César De los Santos-Briones and Teresa Hernández-Sotomayor

Transformation of Maize Via Agrobacterium tumefaciens Using a Binary Co-Integrate Vector System
Zuo-yu Zhao and Jerry Ranch

Part VI. Accumulation of Metabolites in Plant Cells

Capsaicin Accumulation in Capsicum spp. Suspension Cultures
Neftalí Ochoa-Alejo

Isolation and Purification of Ribosome-Inactivating Proteins
Sang-Wook Park,
A comprehensive state-of-the-art collection of the most frequently used techniques for plant cell and tissue culture. Readily reproducible and extensively annotated, the methods range from general methodologies, such as culture induction, growth and viability evaluation, and contamination control, to such highly specialized techniques as chloroplast transformation involving the laborious process of protoplast isolation and culture. Most of the protocols are currently used in the research programs of the authors or represent important parts of business projects aimed at the generation of improved plant materials. Two new appendices explain the principles for formulating culture media and the composition of the eight most commonly used media formulations, and list more than 100 very useful internet sites.

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