Cartilage and Osteoarthritis

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Frédéric De Ceuninck
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Generation and Use of Transgenic Mice As Models of Osteoarthritis Anna-Marja Säämänen and Eero Vuorio

Development and Clinical Application in Arthritis of a New Immunoassay for Serum Type IIA Procollagen NH2 Propeptide
Jean-Charles Rousseau, Linda J. Sandell, Pierre D. Delmas, and Patrick Garnero

Histological and Immunohistological Studies on Cartilage
James Melrose, Susan Smith, and Peter Ghosh

Histochemical Visualization of the Cartilage Hyaladherins Using a Biotinylated Hyaluronan Oligosaccharide Bioaffinity Probe
James Melrose and Susan Smith

Methods for Cartilage and Subchondral Bone Histomorphometry
Philippe Pastoureau and Agnès Chomel

Laser-Mediated Microdissection As a Tool for Molecular Analysis in Arthritis
Martin Judex, Elena Neumann, Steffen Gay, and Ulf Müller-Ladner

Analysis of Protein Distribution in Cartilage Using Immunofluorescence and Laser Confocal Scanning Microscopy
Stephan Soeder, Alexander Kuhlmann, and Thomas Aigner

Molecular and Biochemical Assays of Cartilage Components
Caroline D. Hoemann

Mechanical Characterization of Native and Tissue-Engineered Cartilage
Albert C. Chen, Stephen M. Klisch, Won C. Bae, Michele M. Temple, Kevin B. McGowan, Kenneth R. Gratz, Barbara L. Schumacher, and Robert L. Sah

Noninvasive Study of Human Cartilage Structure by MRI
Felix Eckstein

High-Resolution MRI Techniques for Studies in Small-Animal Models
Olivier Beuf

High-Resolution Imaging of Osteoarthritis Using Microcomputed Tomography
Lydia Wachsmuth and Klaus Engelke

High-Resolution Ultrasonography for Analysis of Age- and Disease-Related Cartilage Changes
Amena Saïed and Pascal Laugier

Evaluation of Cartilage Composition and Degradation by High-Resolution Magic-Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Jürgen Schiller, Daniel Huster, BeateFuchs, Lama Naji, Jörn Kaufmann, and Klaus Arnold

Pulsed-Field Gradient-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (PFG NMR) to Measure the Diffusion of Ions and Polymers in Cartilage: Applications in Joint Diseases
Jürgen Schiller, Lama Naji, Robert Trampel, Wilfred Ngwa, Robert Knauss, and Klaus Arnold

Dynamics of Collagen in Articular Cartilage Studied by Solid-State NMR Methods
Daniel Huster, Jürgen Schiller, and Klaus Arnold

Computerized Protocol for Anatomical and Functional Studies of Joints
Sandra Martelli and Stefano Zaffagnini

An indispensable collection of updated classical and emerging techniques that promise to add critical knowledge to our understanding of cartilage metabolism in health and disease. Volume 1: Cellular and Molecular Tools describes proven molecular and cellular techniques for the in vitro study of normal and osteoarthritic cartilage through biochemical, biomolecular, immunological, and physical approaches, with emphasis on the genetic manipulation of cells. Volume 2: Structure and In Vivo Analysis, offers cutting-edge procedures for the study-at the tissue level-of turnover, structure, and functioning of normal and diseased articular cartilage by invasive and noninvasive means. Comprehensive and up-to-date, the two volumes of Cartilage and Osteoarthritis provide researchers and bench scientists with readily reproducible protocols for new experiments to understand-from the cellular to the animal level-the pathophysiology of cartilage and to discover molecular targets for pharmacological intervention.

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