Forensic Pathology Reviews
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Forensic Pathology Reviews

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Michael Tsokos
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1, Forensic Pathology Reviews

Death From Environmental Conditions
Morphological Findings in Burned Bodies
Michael Bohnert


Kicking and Trampling to Death: Pathological Features, Biomechanical Mechanisms, and Aspects of Victims and Perpetrators
Véronique Henn and Eberhard Lignitz


Timing of Cortical Contusions in Human Brain Injury: Morphological Parameters for a Forensic Wound-Age Estimation
Roland Hausmann

Forensic Neuropathology

Central Nervous System Alterations in Drug Abuse
Andreas Büttner and Serge Weis

Sudden Death From Natural Causes

A Forensic Pathological Approach to Sudden Cardiac Death
Vittorio Fineschi and Cristoforo Pomara

Child Abuse, Neglect, and Infanticide

Medicolegal Problems With Neonaticide
Roger W. Byard


Diagnostic and Medicolegal Problems With Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Roger W. Byard and Henry F. Krous

Infectious Diseases

Fatal Respiratory Tract Infections With Mycoplasma pneumoniae: Histopathological Features, Aspects of Postmortem Diagnosis, and Medicolegal Implications
Michael Tsokos

Pathological Features of Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome in Infancy and Childhood
Jan P. Sperhake and Michael Tsokos

Death Scene Investigation

Accidental Autoerotic Death: A Review on the Lethal Paraphiliac Syndrome
Stephan Seidl

Lethal Hypothermia: Paradoxical Undressing and Hide-and-Die-Syndrome Can Produce Very Obscure Death Scenes
Markus A. Rothschild

Maternal Death in Pregnancy

Pathological Features of Maternal Death From HELLP Syndrome
Michael Tsokos

Iatrogenic Injury

Injuries Resulting From Resuscitation Procedures
Mario Darok


Postmortem Alcohol Interpretation: Medicolegal Considerations Affecting Livingand Deceased Persons
Donna M. Hunsaker and John C. Hunsaker III

Forensic Differential Diagnosis

Iliopsoas Muscle Hemorrhage Presenting at Autopsy
Elisabeth E. Türk

A collection of cutting-edge reviews of many of the key recent medical and legal advances in forensic science. These critical surveys concentrate on common pathological entities likely to be encountered in daily forensic routine, as well as on specific pathological conditions rarely seen in the autopsy room. Complementing rather than replacing the classic textbooks in forensic pathology, the authors explore new avenues for analyzing the pathology of burned bodies, traumatic brain injury, death by drug abuse, sudden cardiac death, sudden infant death and neonaticide, and fatalities resulting from kicking and trampling. Other areas of interest include accidental autoerotic deaths, hypothermia fatalities, injuries from resuscitation procedures, the interpretation of alcohol levels in different specimens, and the potential forensic differential diagnoses and interpretation of iliopsoas muscle hemorrhage in the light of autopsy.

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