Lone Star Chapters: The Story of Texas Literary Clubs

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As Texas entered the twentieth century, it was opening a new chapter in its cultural and social life, one that would see active efforts to promote not only the appreciation of regional literature but also its creation Author Betty Holland Wiesepape examines the contributions of literary societies and writers' clubs to the cultural and literary development that took place in Texas between the close of the frontier and the beginning of World War 11 he offers an overview of literary club activity as well as case studies of four individual writers' clubs that functioned during the 1920s and 1930s he first study of its kind, "Lone Star Chapters contradicts the common perception that early Texas was a cultural wasteland and illuminates how educated citizens met to together in locally organized clubs to read, write, APRIL and criticize members' original compositions. The stories of the Manuscript Club of Wichita Falls, the Border Poets of Kingsville, the Panhandle Pen women of Amarillo, and the Makers of Dallas are based on archival research, interviews, and an examination of the literature produced by prominent club members Each of the stories is set within its own historical and geographical context, and together they illuminate the important role of such clubs in the development of regional arts.
Autor: Betty Holland Wiesepape
Betty Holland Wiesepape teaches creative writing along with Southern and Southwestern literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. More than a dozen of her short stories and creative nonfiction compositions have been published, several included in anthologies.

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Autor: Betty Holland Wiesepape
ISBN-13 :: 9781585443246
ISBN: 1585443247
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2004
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