Land!: Irish Pioneers in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas

92, Centennial Series of the Assoc
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The Province of Texas in Newly Independent Mexico; The Context of Emigration - Prefamine Ireland; Irish Recruitment and the Settlements of San Patricio and Refugio; The Irish and the Texas Revolution, 1835-36; The Life of Pioneer Settlers in Texas; Ranching Culture and the Texas Cattle King - Thomas O'Connor of Refugio County.
The only successful European impresarios in mid-nineteenth century Mexican Texas -- men authorized to bring immigrants to settle the vast spaces of Mexico's northern territories -- were Irish. On their land grants, Irish settlers founded Refugio and San Patricio and went on to take active roles in the economic and political development of Texas.
Autor: Graham Davis
GRAHAM DAVIS teaches history and Irish studies at Bath Spa University College in Newton Park, England.

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Autor: Graham Davis
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