Australia's Vietnam War

77, Studies in Advanced Mathematic
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Today the mere mention of Vietnam conjures up images of protest in American streets and tensions so strong they divided a country. Yet the United States did not fight alone. Comparatively little is known about Australia's experience -- its motives for entering the conflict, national support for Australia's role there, and how that nation dealt with the aftermath of war. Here, Jeff Doyle, Jeffrey Grey, and Peter Pierce chronicle Australia's complicated involvement in Vietnam.
Autor: Jeff Doyle, Jeffrey Grey, Peter Pierce
JEFF DOYLE teaches language, literature, and communications in the School of English at Australia's University College, ADFA, JEFFREY GREY is an associate professor in the School of History, Universi College, ADFA, and lives in Canberra, Australia. PETER PIERCE is a professor of literature at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia.

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