AI and Artificial Life in Video Games

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Guy W. Lecky-Thompson
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Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Using Artificial Intelligence in Video Games; Chapter 3 Uses for Artificial Life in Video Games; Chapter 4 The AL Programming Paradigm; Chapter 5 Building Blocks; Chapter 6 The Power of Emergent Behavior; Chapter 7 Testing with Artificial Life; Chapter 8 Several A-Life Examples; Chapter 9 Multiplayer AI and A-Life; Chapter 10 The Application of A-Life Outside the Lab;
Learn how to create more challenging and dynamic games with AI and Artificial Life in Video Games. AI, or artificial intelligence, builds better games by directing behaviors inside the games that make them more difficult, while artificial life, or A-Life, adds unpredictability of play and a more lifelike environment to games. This book examines easy and inexpensive methods for implementing AI and A-Life in any video game to not only model behavior in the game but also create tools, generate code, and test the game during development. After introducing the basics of AI and A-Life to use as building blocks, the book delves into more advanced methods and examines possible future uses and techniques. You¿ll learn how AI can be built up in a game by layering behavioral models on static data to produce behavior that is both intelligent and unpredictable. Examples of several A-Life enhancements in games are presented, and you¿ll investigate the potential pitfalls of using AI and how to troubleshoot, apply A-Life to your own games, test A-Life itself and test virtually using A-Life, implement AI and A-Life in a multiplayer environment, and more. Written for the current and next-generation game developer, AI and Artificial Life in Video Games is a great reference for both game programmers and game designers.

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