Identity Management

A Primer
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ForewordIntroduction1 Identity2 Managing Identities3 Directories4 Authentication5 Provisioning6 Role-Based Access Control7 Single Sign-on8 Governance, Risk, and Compliance9 Implementation & Roadmap10 Public Key Infrastructure11 Electronic Identity SmartcardsA Case ScenarioB StandardsC GlossaryD Public Key Cryptography Standards
In an age in which the boundaries between the real and the virtual are becoming increasingly blurred, this timely guide teaches both the key issues of identity management as well as appropriate strategies and preventative measures for ensuring personal safety in the virtual world. In a corporate setting, it is essential to identify and control the way in which the organization deals with customers, suppliers, employees, and other users who may interact with the information systems of the company. Providing strategies for overcoming this task in real-world terms as well as questions that assist in focusing on the key issues in each chapter--ranging from role-based access control to single sign-ons and electronic identity smart cards--this text provides students and professionals alike with a valuable tool for understanding the complexity of identity in a virtual world.

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Autor: Kent Spaulding
ISBN-13 :: 9781583470930
ISBN: 158347093X
Erscheinungsjahr: 15.09.2009
Verlag: MC Press, LLC
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