How to Improvise a Full-Length Play: The Art of Spontaneous Theater

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Forget the script and get on the stage! In "How to Improvise a Full-Length Play, " actors, playwrights, directors, theater-group leaders, and teachers will find everything they need to know to create comedy, tragedy, melodrama, and farce, with no scripts, no scenarios, and no preconceived characters. Author Kenn Adams presents a step-by-step method for long-form improvisation, covering plot structure, storytelling, character development, symbolism, and advanced scene work. Games and exercises throughout the book help actors and directors focus on and succeed with cause-and-effect storytelling, raising the dramatic stakes, creating dramatic conflict, building the dramatic arc, defining characters, creating environments, establishing relationships, and more. "How to Improvise a Full-Length Play "is the essential tool for anyone who wants to create exceptional theater.
Autor: Kenn Adams
Kenn Adams is an award-winning playwright whose work has been produced on stages all over America.

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Autor: Kenn Adams
ISBN-13 :: 9781581154931
ISBN: 1581154933
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2007
Gewicht: 221g
Seiten: 155
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 216x136x17 mm
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