The Education of an Art Director

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- How to create great graphic-design courses--and why to create them
- More than 30 big-name contributors, including Vince Frost, Ronn Campisi, Gail Anderson, and others
This provocative anthology provides inspiration on teaching and discussing art direction in the classroom and beyond. Essays, interviews, and images from more than thirty teachers and leaders in the field provide an in-depth view of every facet of art direction; concrete examples reveal how to create classes that are fun to teach and inspiring to students and department chairs alike. A boon to instructors, a boost to anyone interested in graphic design, this book is educational in the best sense of the word.
Editiert von: Steven Heller, Veronique Vienne
STEVEN HELLER is author or editor of more than eighty books on graphic design, including Design Literacy, The Education of a Graphic Designer, The Education of a Typographer, The Education of an Illustrator, The Education of an E-Designer, The Education of a Design Entrepreneur, Graphic Design TimeLine, Graphic Design History, Texts on Type, and the four-volume Looking Closer series, all published by Allworth Press. VERONIQUE VIENNE is a creative director, marketing consultant, and author who has written extensively on design ethics and business practices. A consultant for clients such as Yves Saint Laurent, d/g*, and Express, she is an expert on issues surrounding corporate design, branding, and advertising. The author of several books and co-editor of Citizen Designer (Allworth Press

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Autor: Steven Heller
ISBN-13 :: 9781581154351
ISBN: 1581154356
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.11.2005
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