The Torah Revolution: Fourteen Truths That Changed the World

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Reuven Hammer
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The Torah is the foundation stone of Jewish existence. Embedded within these teachings of Moses are core concepts that radically transformed the important religious insights of the patriarchs into a dynamic new religion that would go on to influence the world. This religion of Israel yielded a new way of understanding God and the meaning of the human life. Some of these concepts have never been fully realized, some have gone unrecognized, and many are obscured under so many layers of interpretation that the original vision is difficult to discern. In this accessible look at these revolutionary teachings of Moses, Dr. Reuven Hammer presents fourteen radical ideas found in Torah, explains their original intentions, and shows how understanding these "truths" can help you better understand the narrative and laws of Judaism. Dr. Hammer shows you that when taken together, these value concepts present a picture of the world and human life that is surprisingly modern and relevant: humani
Preface ixIntroduction: Torat Moshe-The Teaching of Moses 1Part I: Divinity1. God Is Unique 112. No Divine Power of Evil Exists 233. Morality Is God's Supreme Demand 344. Worship Is for the Benefit of Humans 46Part II: Humanity5. Human Life Is Sacred 616. All Human Beings Are Equal 727. Men and Women Are Equal 848. Human Beings Have Free Will 99Part III: Society9. Human Sovereignty Is Limited 11310. The Priesthood Is Divorced from Magic 12311. Land and Wealth Are to Be Distributed Equally 13412. Slavery Must Be Mitigated 14813. The Needy Must Be Cared For 16014. A Day of Rest for All 176Afterword: The Legacy of Moses 187Notes 192Bibliography 210Index 214

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