The Women’s Haftarah Commentary

New Insights from Women Rabbis on the 54 Weekly Haftarah Portions, the 5 Megillot & Special Shabbatot

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Rabbi Elyse Goldstein
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Women rabbis are changing the face of Judaism. Discover how their interpretations of the Prophets, Writings, and Megillot can enrich your perspective.The Haftarah is a potent tool for understanding the values, ethics, and moral lessons contained in the Torah readings. In this first-of-its-kind volume, more than eighty women rabbis from the Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist movements offer fresh perspectives on the beloved texts that make up the Haftarah-the Prophets and Writings-and the Five Megillot.
Based on readings that are rich in imagery-some poetic, some narrative, some dark and brooding-their commentaries include surprising insights on the stories of Deborah and Yael, David and Goliath, David and Bathsheva, and the witch of Endor, among many others. Themes such as Jerusalem as woman, the story of Jonah and the fish, and other prophetic images are informed and challenged by this groundbreaking work.
A rich resource, a major contribution to modern biblical commentary, and the ideal companion to The Women's Torah Commentary, The Women's Haftarah Commentary will inspire all of us to gain deeper meaning from the Hebrew scriptures and a heightened appreciation of Judaism.
Index by Author Acknowledgments Introduction Rabbinic Commentators and Midrashic Collections Noted in This Anthology Bereshit / Genesis Haftarat Bereshit: Isaiah 42:5¿43:10 Rabbi Amy Joy Small Haftarat Noach: Isaiah 54:1¿55:5 Rabbi Jill Hammer Haftarat Lech Lecha: Isaiah 40:27¿41:16 Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell Haftarat Vayera: II Kings 4:1¿37 Rabbi Paula Jayne Winnig. Haftarat Chaye Sarah: I Kings 1:1¿31 Rabbi Beth Janus. Haftarat Toldot: Malachi 1:1¿2:7 Rabbi Carol E. Stein Haftarat Vayeitze: Hosea 12:13¿14:10 Rabbi Kathy Cohen Haftarat Vayishlach: Hosea 11:7¿12:12 Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin Haftarat Vayashev: Amos 2:6¿3:8 Rabbi Hara E. Person Haftarat Miketz: I Kings 3:15¿4:1 Rabbi Zoe Klein Haftarat Vayigash: Ezekiel 37:15¿28 Rabbi Marsha J. Pik-Nathan Haftarat Vayechi: I Kings 2:1¿12 Rabbi Amber Powers Shmot / Exodus Haftarat Shmot: Isaiah 27:6¿28:13; 29:22¿23 Rabbi Sharon Brous. Haftarat Va-era: Ezekiel 28:25¿29:21 Rabbi Andrea Carol Steinberger. Haftarat Bo: Jeremiah 46:13¿28 Rabbi Denise L. Eger Haftarat Beshalach: Judges 4:4¿5:31 Rabbi Deborah J. Schloss. Haftarat Yitro: Isaiah 6:1¿7:6; 9:5¿6 Rabbi Shira Stern Haftarat Mishpatim: Jeremiah 34:8¿22; 33:25¿26 Rabbi Lori Cohen. Haftarat Terumah: I Kings 5:26¿6:13 Rabbi Elisa Koppel Haftarat Tetzaveh: Ezekiel 43:10¿27 Rabbi Alison B. Kobey Haftarat Ki Tissa: I Kings 18:1¿39 Rabbi Valerie Lieber Haftarat Vayakhel: I Kings 7:40¿50 Rabbi Danielle Leshaw Haftarat Pikudei: I Kings 7:51¿8:21 Rabbi Y. L. bat Joseph Vayikra / Leviticus Haftarat Vayikra: Isaiah 43:21¿44:23 Rabbi Tina Grimberg. Haftarat Tzav: Jeremiah 7:21¿8:3; 9:22¿23 Rabbi Elaine Rose Glickman Haftarat Shimini: II Samuel 6:1¿7:17 Rabbi Julie Wolkoff Haftarat Tazri'a: II Kings 4:42¿5:19 Rabbi Mary Lande Zamore Haftarat Metzorah: II Kings 7:3¿20 Rabbi Rochelle Robins Haftarat Acharei Mot: Ezekiel 22:1¿19 Rabbi Nina H. Mandel Haftarat Kedoshim: Amos 9:7¿15 Rabbi Rona Shapiro Haftarat Emor: Ezekiel 44:15¿31 Rabbi Rachel Esserman. Haftarat Behar: Jeremiah 32:6¿27 Rabbi Nancy Wechsler-Azen Haftarat Bechukotai: Jeremiah 16:19¿17:14 Rabbi Hanna Gracia Yerushalmi. Bamidbar / Numbers Haftarat Bamidbar: Hosea 2:1¿22 Rabbi Rachel Leila Miller Haftarat Naso: Judges 13:2¿25 Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams Haftarat Behalotecha: Zechariah 2:14¿4:7 Rabbi Margot Stein Haftarat Shelach Lecha: Joshua 2:1¿24 Rabbi Pamela Wax Haftarat Korach: I Samuel 11:14¿12:22 Rabbi Barbara Borts Haftarat Chukkat: Judges 11:1¿33 Rabbi Vicki Lieberman Haftarat Balak: Micah 5:6¿6:8 Rabbi Jane Kanarek. Haftarat Pinchas: I Kings 18:46¿19:21 Rabbi Susan P. Fendrick Haftarat Mattot: Jeremiah 1:1¿2:3 Rabbi Rachel R. Bovitz. Haftarat Mäasei: Jeremiah 2:4¿28; 3:4 Rabbi Jennifer Elkin Gorman. Devarim / Deuteronomy Haftarat Devarim: Isaiah 1:1¿27 Rabbi Analia Bortz Haftarat Väetchanan: Isaiah 40:1¿26 Rabbi Sheryl Nosan-Blank Haftarat Ekev: Isaiah 49:14¿51:3 Rabbi Lynne A. Kern Haftarat Re¿eh: Isaiah 54:11¿55:5 Rabbi Joanne Yocheved Heiligman. Haftarat Shoftim: Isaiah 51:12¿52:12 Rabbi Cindy Enger Haftarat Ki Tetze: Isaiah 54:1¿10 Rabbi Vivian Mayer Haftarat Ki Tavo: Isaiah 60:1¿22 Rabbi Shoshana Dworsky.. Haftarat Nitzavim: Isaiah 61:10¿63:9 Rabbi Laura Geller Haftarat Vayelech: Isaiah 55:6¿56:8 Rabbi Susan Gulack Haftarat Häazinu: II Samuel 22:1¿51 Rabbi Elizabeth W. Goldstein Haftarat V¿zot Habrachah: Joshua 1:1¿18 Rabbi Nancy Rita Myers Special Shabbatot Haftarat Shabbat Rosh Chodesh: Isaiah 66:1¿24 Rabbi Ilene Schneider Haftarat Shabbat Shekalim: II Kings 12:1¿16 Rabbi Stacia Deutsch Haftarat Shabbat Zachor: I Samuel 15:1¿34 Rabbi Karen Soria Haftarat Shabbat Parah: Ezekiel 36:16¿38 Rabbi Mira Wasserman. Haftarat Shabbat HaChodesh: Ezekiel 45:16¿46:18 Rabbi Helaine Ettinger Haftarat Shabbat HaGadol: Malachi 3:4¿24 Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh. Haftarot for Days of Awe Haftarah for the First Day of Rosh Hashanah: I Samuel 1:1¿2:10 Rabbi Serena Raziel Eisenberg Haftarah for the Second Day of Rosh Hashanah: Jeremiah 31:1¿20 Rabbi Linda Bertenthal. Haftarah for Shabbat Shuva: Hosea 14:2¿10; Joel 2:15¿27; Michah 7:18¿20 Rabbi Jessica Locketz . Haftarah for Yom Kippur Morning: Isaiah 57:14¿59:4 Rabbi Ilana Berenbaum Grinblat. Haftarah for Yom Kippur Afternoon: The Book of Jonah Rabbi Myriam Klotz Holiday Haftarot Haftarah for the First Day of Sukkot: Zechariah 14:1¿21 Rabbi Chana Thompson Shor . Haftarah for Shabbat Chanukah: Zechariah 2:14¿4:7 Rabbi Sharyn H. Henry. Haftarah for the First Day of Pesach: Joshua 3:5¿7; 5:2¿6:1; 6:27 Rabbi Linda Joseph Haftarah for the First Day of Shavuot: Ezekiel 1:1¿28, 3:12 Rabbi Shaina Bacharach. Five Megillot Shir HaShirim: The Song of Songs Rabbi Rachel Sabath-Beit Halachmi. Megillat Ruth: The Book of Ruth Rabbi Barbara Rosman Penzner.. Eicha: The Book of Lamentations Rabbi Melinda Panken.. Kohelet: Ecclesiastes Rabbi Laura M. Rappaport . Megillat Esther: The Book of Esther Rabbi Karen L. Fox. . Special Additional Selections Bathsheba: II Samuel 11 Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Brockman. Michal: I Samuel 18:17¿29; I Samuel 25:44; II Samuel 3:13; II Samuel 6:20¿23 Rabbi Beth L. Schwartz. The Prophetess Huldah: II Kings 22; II Chronicles 34 Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar. Judith and the Story of Chanukah Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand . Delilah: Judges 16:4¿31 Rabbi Debra Orenstein. The Witch of Endor: I Samuel 28:3¿28 Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael Jerusalem as Woman in the Book of Ezekiel Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses and Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield The Woman of Valor: Proverbs 31:10¿31 Rabbi Wendy Spears Psalm 23 Rabbi Devorah Jacobson Notes Glossary Bibliography and Suggested Further Reading About the Contributors

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