The Way Into Judaism and the Environment

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Jeremy Benstein
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Way Into... (Paperback)

An accessible introduction to the Jewish understanding of the natural world and the key concepts central to Jewish environmentalism.
About The Way Into ¿ Timeline Acknowledgments Torat Chayim: Books and Our Lives A Bridge in Two Directions On Relevance and Authenticity Midrash and Halacha, Sources as Resources Reading This Book Concluding Reflection A Note on the Translation Emet Ve'emunot: Environmentalism, Religion, and the Environmental Crisis in Context Nature, the Environment, and Sustainability Crises and Opportunities, Nightmares and Dreams Religion as Problem: Lynn White Throws Down the Gauntlet Re-evaluating Religion in Light of Environmental Concerns The Humble Ruler and the Stuff of Nature Religion and Environmentalism: Common Ground and Unique Messages Unnatural Judaism: From Alienation to Reconnection . Bereishit Bara': Creator, Creating, Creation, Creatures, and Us Biblical Beginnings: Readers, Reading, Readings, How to Read¿and Us Stories of Creations: Biblical Cubism Genesis and : Comparative Readings Genesis : Master and Rule¿The Demands of Dominion Genesis : Serve and Preserve¿The Stipulations of Stewardship Between Apes and Angels: On Being a Part of, and Apart From The Rest of the Story: Where Does Creation Stop and History Begin ¿ Concluding Thoughts: On Goodness, Settlement, and Chaos Lishmor La'asot U¿lekayem: Traditional Sources and Resources Nature: Is It and Does It Matter (I)¿Heaven v. Earth Nature: Is It and Does It Matter (II)¿Torah v. Teva (Nature) More on the Nature of Nature Wind, Rain, Mountains, and Fields Bein Adam Le¿olam? Jewish Legal and Moral Categories Regarding Nature Bal Tashchit I: From Battlefield Forestry to Environmental Values Bal Taschchit II: Negotiating Needs and Wants Empathy and Ethics: The Pain of Living Things Tikkun and Partnership, Flax and Foreskins Olam Umelo¿o: Contemporary Topics and Issues Multiply and Fill Up the Earth: Are We There Yet? Eat and Be Satisfied: How Much Is Enough? Of Pits and Piety, or Torah and Toxics Tzedek and the City: Justice, Land Use, and Urban Life Wilderness and Worship Melo¿ Kol Häaretz Kevodo¿The Fullness of the Earth Is God¿s Glory Mazon Ve¿chazon¿Food and Vision, or the Duties of the Diet Sustainability and Sustenance: How to Keep on Keepin¿ On Chagim Uzmanim: Cycles in Time, Sacraments in Life Lu¿ach ve¿Ru¿ach¿Of Calendars and Culture, Nature and History Yamim Tovim¿Good Days: The High Holidays and Pilgrimage Festivals The Nature of Hanukkah The Four Faces of Tu B¿Shvat¿A New Year of the Trees Shabbat¿A Day of Worldly Rest Shmitah¿The Radical Social-Environmental Vision of a Yearlong Sabbath Blessings and Worship: From Appraising to Praising . Häam Ve¿Häaretz: The Land of Israel and a Jewish Sense of Place Bein Adam "LaMakom"¿On the Importance of Place On Wandering and Return: The Jew as Native The Cultural Contradictions of Israeli Environmentalism Back to Bridge-Building: The Environment as Deep Common Concern Contents Talmud VeMäaseh: Where to Go from Here¿Suggestions for Further Study Notes Glossary Index

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