Witnesses to the One: The Spiritual History of the Sh’ma

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Joseph B. Meszler
390 g
231x160x17 mm

?Hear O? Israel, the Eternal is our God, the Eternal is One!? There is arguably no more important statement in Judaism than the Sh?ma. This deeply personal exploration of this sacred proclamation, command and prayer delves into the spiritual history of the Sh?ma to inspire the religious seeker to find personalized meaning in these famous words. When we hear the words of the Sh?ma said, or sung, we hear not only the words but also the stories of the people who have uttered them. This slim, beautiful volume joins those voices in the search for contemporary meaning. By examining the relationship between how the words of the Sh?ma have been translated by ancient sages, contemporary philosophers, and in the Bible, and the meaning created from each perspective, this book opens the doors between each generation that has found a different dimension of truth in the Sh?ma. By tracing this prayer through history and examining the contemporary moral standard, it exposes the importance of this ancient proclamation while emphasizing its historical relevance in connection with today's world. Each chapter, with topics ranging from Moses to Maimonides to modernity, includes a sacred story, an exploration into the stories? meanings, and a suggestion for a new way of ?hearing? the voice in the story. Let this book speak to you on your journey to develop your own personal meaning and understanding of this world-changing holy command.

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