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The Nutrient Roadmap provides a path forward for the wastewater sector on nutrient removal and recovery and challenges water resource recovery facilities to have a zero net impact with regard to nutrient discharges by 2040. This high-level overview provides guidance for utilities of all sizes to best manage nutrients in the context of their individual regulatory climates. The Nutrient Roadmap informs future research, training, and advocacy programs to support the movement towards smarter nutrient management in water resource recovery facilities. By reading this book, you will have a better understanding of where your utility falls on the path to becoming a facility that not only produces clean water, but recovers critical nutrients for reuse in an energy-neutral manner. You will explore key issues to consider as you move toward this goal, such as: environmental and community effects, operational effectiveness, economic factors, permit compliance, regulatory compliance, current and emerging treatment technologies, and more. Case studies explore the innovative, cost-effective solutions employed by pioneering wastewater resource recovery facilities. The Nutrient Roadmap acknowledges that each utility faces unique challenges and provides you with a variety of paths to follow and alternative destinations from which to choose as you embark on the road toward sustainability.

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