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This all-inclusive book of chlorine-based chemicals is designed to help the wastewater professional apply the science of disinfection using the most up-to-date practices to ensure safety and control odors. The Chlorination/Dechlorination Handbook is broken into sections that discuss the chemistry of chlorine compounds, handling and use of the chemicals, regulations that govern their use and the types of equipment and controls used for these chemicals. It is hoped that the information contained will help to alleviate some of the concerns regarding the dangers of handling these chemicals and the compounds resulting from their addition. Chlorine will continue to be useful in wastewater disinfection as better controls are developed, treatment methods are understood, and equipment improvements make the use of chlorine more economical and practical. The knowledge, experiences, and economies associated with chlorination and dechlorination will help maintain the prominence of their use; the perfect reference tool for wastewater treatment plant designers and operators and chemical suppliers.Topics discussed include: chlorination/dechlorination chemistry, microbiology, chemical properties, process requirements, design considerations, wastewater analysis, chemical handling and safety, emergency planning, equipment, and control strategies.

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