Attachment and Psychopathology

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Part 1 General considerations: attachment and psychopathology, Atkinson; clinical implications of attachment concepts, Rutter; patterns of attachment and sexual behaviour, Crittenden. Part 2 Risk and prediction: attachment networks in postdivorce families, Bretherton et al; intergenerational transmission of attachment, Van Ijzendoorn and Bakermans-Kranenburg; attachment and childhood behaviour problems in normal, at-risk and clinical samples, Goldberg; the role of attachment processes in externalizing psychopathology in young children, Greenberg et al; morality, disruptive behaviour, borderline personality disorder, crime, and their relationship to security of attachment, Fonagy et al. Part 3 In the clinic: toddlers' internalization of maternal attributions as a factor in quality of attachment, Lieberman; intergenerational transmission of relationship psychopathology, Zeanah et al.
This up-to-date volume applies attachment theory and methods to extend our understanding and prediction of psychopathology. Studies of such populations as divorced mothers, chronically ill infants, Romanian adoptees, children of mothers with anxiety disorders, and boys with gender identity disorder reveal a variety of clinical implications and highlight issues for attachment theory. Chapters utilize research into a recently discovered form of attachment the disorganized pattern as well as new technologies for classifying attachment security beyond infancy.
Editiert von: Leslie Atkinson, Kenneth J. Zucker
Leslie Atkinson, Ph.D., is Research Head and Senior Psychologist at the Family Court Clinic, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry. He is also Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Education, University of Toronto, and an Adjunct Faculty member, Graduate Programme in Psychology, York University.

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