Metaphors of Family Systems Theory: Toward New Constructions

Perspectives on Marriage & the
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Metaphors and theory; the metaphor of the family as an entity; the metaphor of the family as a system; metaphors of family boundaries; metaphors of family structure; metaphors of system control; metaphors of communication in family systems; metaphors of family systems therapy; multiple theoretical metaphors and multiple realities.
This innovative book probes the language of family systems theory, demonstrating how metaphors shape our understanding both of families themselves and of the goals and process of therapy. The author shows how a deeper understanding of standard theoretical metaphors--and the development of alternatives--can help clinicians and students identify hidden assumptions, incorporate perspectives that may otherwise have been overlooked, and forge creative new meanings in clinical practice.
Autor: Paul C. Rosenblatt
Paul C. Rosenblatt, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota. He has published extensively on various aspects of family functioning, especially on families dealing with loss and on the dynamics of business and farm families. He is a recipient of the Morse-AMOCO award for undergraduate teaching at the University of Minnesota.

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Autor: Paul C. Rosenblatt
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