Relating: Dialogues and Dialectics

Guilford Communication
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This book draws on the dialogism of social theorist Mikhail Bakhtin to develop a new approach which the authors term "relational dialectics" to the study of interpersonal communication. Emphasizing a social self instead of a sovereign self, multivocal oppositions instead of binary contradictions, and indeterminate change instead of transcendent synthesis, chapters examine and critique prevailing approaches to interpersonal communication. Building on these theoretical foundations, the volume rethinks such key areas as relationship development, closeness, certainty, openness, communication competence, and the boundaries between self, relationship, and society, and raises intriguing questions for future research.
Autor: Leslie A. Baxter, Barbara M. Montgomery
Leslie A. Baxter, Ph.D., University of Iowa

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Autor: Leslie A. Baxter
ISBN-13 :: 9781572301016
ISBN: 1572301015
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.1996
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