Communication Theory: Epistemological Foundations

Guilford Communication
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This book provides a thorough analysis of the scientific, critical, and cultural questions at the foundation of theory-building in communication and other social sciences. Any claim to knowledge, the author explains, can be analyzed in terms of a series of characteristics: the object of its explanation, the explanatory form and evidentiary method employed, its characteristic explanations, the scope of its performance, and its consequences of value. From identifying basic epistemological questions to exploring the impact of the "knowledge industry" on society, the volume offers readers the analytical tools to understand, compare, and evaluate theories and their use both inside and outside the classroom. The book also includes a systematic analysis of communication's most influential theories and traces their genealogies across different content fields and disciplines.
Autor: James A. Anderson
James A. Anderson is Professor of Communication at the University of Utah and Editor of the International Communication Association journal, "Communication Theory." He is the author of "Communication Research: Issues and Methods" and coauthor of "Mediated Communication: A Social Action Perspective."

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Autor: James A. Anderson
ISBN-13 :: 9781572300835
ISBN: 1572300833
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.1996
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