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Most books on this disorder focus on crisis control during the acute phase of mild and severe depression. This book deals instead with the period after recovery when as many as half of those who have defeated depression will suffer relapse. It deals directly with the repeating cycle of depression. Self-assessment tools and engaging exercises explore the stages that affect depression sufferers. Practical advice is offered concerning clinical options, including antidepressant medication and continuing psychotherapy. After reading this book, depression sufferers will take away everyday strategies for thinking realistically, having fun, and being physically well. Meditation and thought monitoring techniques are stressed, which help minimize stressors common to depression sufferers. The ultimate goal of this book is to help those dealing with mild or severe depression develop a new set of values that allows imperfection in life but, at the same time, protects them from vulnerability. Deeper involvement in personal relationships and community encourages self-reliance. Comprehensive listings of support resources are given. One appendix focuses on easy-to-access Internet resources

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