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The growing body of WTO jurisprudence is of profound significance for the development of the general body of international law. This work examines how the WTO law can contribute to achieving coherence between general international law, international environmental law and international trade law and avoid conflicts.
Preface; Acknowledgements; About the Author; List of Abbreviations; Chapter 1: Trade, Environment and WTO Law; Chapter 2: WTO Law and Other Rules of International Law; Chapter 3: The Role of Core GATT Obligations; Chapter 4: The Evolution of Jurisprudence on GATT Article XX; Chapter 5: The Subject Matter of Article XX(b) and(g); Chapter 6: Unilateral Measures and Article XX; Chapter 7: MEA Measures Against Parties and Third Parties; Chapter 8: The Problem of Unequal Access to Unilateral Measures; Chapter 9: Sovereignty and Economic Coercion; Chapter 10: The Doctrine of Necessity; Chapter 11: The Role of Ambiguity in Article XX; Chapter 12: Conclusion; Table of Cases; Table of International Treaties and Legislation; Selected Bibliography; Index.

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