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This collection of cases and materials attempts for the first time to provide a compendium of the most important legal texts, relevant documents and cases, as well as explanatory commentary on the law of defence in international criminal proceedings by scholars and practitioners who have a wealth of relevant experience in the field. The book provides students in law school courses on international human rights law and ICL with the essential materials to understand the vital importance of an adequate defence in international criminal proceedings. Further, the text gives legal practitioners who may consider extending their field of practice to the international level a look at the diversity of the tasks they will encounter and prepare them for the legal culture shock inevitable at the international tribunals and courts.
Foreword, M. Cherif Bassiouni; Preface, Michael Bohlander, Roman Boed and Richard J. Wilson; About the Authors; Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview, Michael Bohlander; Chapter 2: Procedural Safeguards for the Defense in International Human Rights Law, Richard J. Wilson; Chapter 3: A History of the Role of Defense Counsel in International Criminal and War Crimes Tribunals, Richard J. Wilson; Chapter 4: ICTY, Monica Martinez Chapter 5: ICTR, Roman Boed and Mame Mandiaye Niang; Chapter 6: The International Criminal Court, Kenneth S. Gallant and Stefan Kirsch; Chapter 7: Associations of Defense Counsel-Development and Role, Stephane Bourgon, Kennedy Ogetto and Wolfgang Bendler; Chapter 8: Mixed Tribunals, Alan Simmons, Heleyn Unac, Sylvia de Bertodano, Rupert Skilbeck, Richard J. Wilson, Sarah Williams, Mohamed C. Othman and Scott Worden; Table of Cases; Index.

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