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"There is no trade-off between effective action against terrorism and the protection of human rights. On the contrary, I believe that in the long term we shall find that human rights, along with democracy and social justice, are one of the best prophylactics against terrorism." - Kofi Annan, UN Secratary General. Domestic and international legal responses to the events of September 11, 2001, are examined from a cross-cultural perspective, covering a broad range of topics including: What is 'terrorism? Did the attacks of September 11 mark a defining moment in the Post Cold War era? What responses may terrorism legitimately attract? What is the legal status of the detainees on Gauntanamo Bay? Have the national and international responses to the attacks of September 11 created new legal paradigms? Human rights repercussions of September 11 with particular reference to the civil liberties implications of both international and national law and policy, is also addressed. -%20Sept. 11.pdf Link on transnational Publishers website

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