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Contributors to this important work have accepted and risen to the challenges that have resulted from the horrendous events of September 11, 2001. They describe and provide a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the pertinent domestic, bilateral, regional and international legal developments in the war against terrorism. Subjects covered include Terrorism, International Law and International Organisations; The U.N. in the War Against International Terrorism; Lawful and Unlawful Wars Against Terrorism; The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism; Detention of Terrorists As Unlawful Combatants and Their Trial by American Military Tribunals; and more. The authors include distinguished legal scholars and award winning jurists and practitioners, among them Peter Kovacs, Mary Ellen O'Connell, Larry D. Johnson, Robert Hardaway, Christopher Hardaway, James Siegesmund, Spencer J. Corona, Neal A. Richardson, Claude d'Estree, James A. R. Nafziger, Ronald R. Robinson, and Ved P. Nanda.
Acknowledgements; Contributors; Overview; Chapter 1, Terrorism, International Law and International Organizations, Ved P. Nanda; Chapter 2, The United Nations in the Fight Against International Terrorism, Peter Kovacs; Chapter 3, The Grave New World of Terrorism: A Lawyer's View, James A.R. Nafziger; Chapter 4, Lawful and Unlawful Wars Against Terrorism, Mary Ellen O'Connell; Chapter 5, International Responses to the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism, Larry D. Johnson; Chapter 6, U.S. Response to the Events of September 11, 2001: The USA PATRIOT Act, Title III, Claude d'Estree and Luke Andrew Busby; Chapter 7, Detention of Terrorists as Unlawful Combatants and Their Trial by American Military Commissions, Neal Richardson and Spencer Crona; Chapter 8, Military Tribunals and Civil Liberties in Time of National Peril: A Legal and Historical Perspective, Robert Hardaway, Christopher Hardaway and James Siegesmund; Chapter 9, Terrorism Insurance-The Insurability/Risk Transfer Debates Since September 11, Ronald R. Robinson; Chapter 10, The Unfinished Agenda, Ved P. Nanda; Select Table of Primary Documents; Index.

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