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With the Persian Gulf War, NATO's 'zero casualty' war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's over the latter's actions in Kosovo, September 11 and its aftermath, and the U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as his primary focus, David Wippman has assembled an insightful group of timely, forward-looking essays. Governments, military personnel, international lawyers, political scientists, and human rights organisations have been forced to rethink the application of existing principles of humanitarian law to new situations, and to consider possible changes or additions to those principles. The book provides them all with a tool to navigate through the new century's increasingly turbulent waters.
Acknowledgements; Chapter 1 - Introduction: Do New Wars Call for New Laws?, David Wippman; Part I - Applying the Law of War to the War on Terrorism; Chapter 2 - Combating Terrorism:The Consequences of Moving from Law Enforcement to War, William Lietzau; Chapter 3 - Military Necessity and Due Process:The Place of Human Rights in the War on Terror, Anthony Dworkin; Chapter 4 - Unlawful Belligerency After September 11: History Revisited and Law Revised, Michael Newton; Chapter 5 - Post-Westphalian Crime, Dominic McAlea; Part II - Problems in the Conduct of Armed Conflict; Chapter 6 - Humans in the Cross-Hairs:Targeting, Assassination and Extra-Legal Killing in Contemporary Armed Conflict, Kenneth Watkin; Chapter 7 - Targeting:The Scope and Utility of the Concept of "Military Objectives" for the Protection of Civilians in Contemporary Armed Conflicts, Marco Sassoli; Chapter 8 - Collateral Damage and the Principle of Proportionality, Yoram Dinstein; Part III Law in Occupied Territory; Chapter 9 - Rewriting Law:The Case of Israel and the Occupied Territories, Kathleen Cavanaugh; Chapter 10 - Iraq and Occupation, Phillip James Walker; Table of Cases;Index.

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