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A key driver of economic growth in developing nations is a dynamic, competitive small and medium size business sector. In most of these countries, however, small companies and their entrepreneurial owners, the core of the private sector, are unable to achieve their potential because of limited access to essential investment capital. The entrepreneurs lack know-how about the capital raising process, investors are unfamiliar with assessing small business risk, and policy makers are insensitive to the importance of small enterprise finance as a prerequisite for building a vibrant private sector. This innovative work is designed to enhance understanding about the practical issues that investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers, as well as students of international development, must contend with in order to improve small business access to investment capital in developing countries. The volume contains a number of case studies that describe and analyse a number of actual small business investments in order to highlight the special risks, challenges, pitfalls, and commitments that are found in most developing country investment environments.The diversity of the cases, covering a range of countries and sectors, highlight the gamut of skills and issues that must be mastered to succeed in financing small businesses in developing nations. This volume will be a useful guide for all those interested in strengthening investment in developing nations. It will serve as a learning text for students of international finance and development, and a practical guide for entrepreneurs and private equity investors in developing economies whose success depends on mastering the skills presented in this work.

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