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This is the first textbook to provide a comprehensive overview and practical guide to the law and practice of international criminal tribunals -- the ICTY, ICTR, and ICC -- as well as mixed international courts, such as the Special Court for Sierra Leone and the Cambodia Tribunal. It is a roadmap to the law and practice of the growing number of international criminal tribunals. Following an overview and comparison of contemporary international criminal tribunals (ICTs) and their legal characteristics, the author discusses the most important categories of international crimes that fall within the jurisdictional purview of the international criminal tribunals. He examines the body of substantive and procedural law of the tribunals and provides a survey of major related pre-trial and trial issues. Special chapters cover topical issues, such as criminal and forensic evidence and expertise. In addition, this book contains an analysis of the emergence of uniform standards of due process during the various pre-trial and trial stages.Also examined are two important mechanisms essential to the effective functioning of the international criminal tribunals, namely the state co-operation system and proceedings for redress of miscarriages of justice before the ICT -- a still underdeveloped though topical area. This innovative textbook not only assesses the case law of the ICTY and ICTR (with a comparison to the ICC Statute) from both the defence and the prosecution's side, but also provides guidance to all those practising before these courts. It is a primer for students of international criminal law, practitioners, and scholars.
Preface; Foreword; Table of Abbreviations; Table of Authorities; Chapter I - The Contemporary ICT: Distinctions and Main Characteristics; Chapter II - Classification and identification of the Major International Crimes by ICT; Chapter III - General Principles of Substantive Criminal Law Envisioned by ICT; Chapter IV - General Principles of Procedural Criminal Law Envisioned by ICT; Chapter V - Principles of Criminal Evidence Before ICT; Chapter VI - The Emergence of Uniform Standards of Due Process Before ICT; Influence on (Inter)national Criminal Law(s); Chapter VII - International State Cooperation With ICT: Obtaining (Forensic) Evidence Abroad; Chapter VIII - Redressing Wrongful Prosecutions and Convictions or Miscarriages of Justice by ICT; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.

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