Beaded Wrist Warmers from Lithuania: 63 Knitting Patterns in the Baltic Tradition

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Irena Felomena Juskiene
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Beaded wrist warmers are a vital, beloved, and beautiful part of Lithuanian traditional costume. That's how Irena Filomena JuSkiene discovered them: As a member of a group of artists dedicated to classic Lithuanian dance and music, she wore them during performances. When she decided to explore the roots of these knitted accessories, Irena found they were a fascinating part of the regional history and culture of Lithuania. The results of her journey have now been brought together in a compilation of beaded knitting patterns that spans centuries, dialects, and multiple museum collections.
Irena shares over 60 designs organized according to their place of origin within the current and historical borders of Lithuania. Projects are presented with straightforward instructions and easy-to-follow charts, along with full-color photographs of sample wrist warmer pairs. In addition, readers will find thoroughly researched discussions of the origins of wrist warmers in each region, a catalog of further historical examples of the craft, and personal accounts shared by local contributors.
Introduction 6

Wrist Warmers 9

What are Wrist Warmers? 9

History of Wrist Warmers in Europe and Lithuania 10

A Closer Look at Lithuanian Wrist Warmers 13

Techniques for Knitting Wrist Warmers 17

Patterns and Charts for Lithuanian Wrist Warmers 22

Other Types of wrist warmers in Museum Collections 150

Linen and Cotton Wrist Warmers 172

Lithuanian Wrist Warmer Knitters 176

Stories about Wrist Warmers 177

Sources 184

References 185

Abbreviations 186

Details about Featured Wrist Warmers 186

Summary 194

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