Knitting with Beads Made Easy: Simple Techniques, Handy Shortcuts, and 60 Fabulous Projects

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Liv Asplund
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269x198x13 mm

It's never been easier to knit with beads! From pretty pearls to classic silver or gleaming glass, a few beads are the perfect way to add a little glitz and glamour to any knitted project-and knit designers Liv Asplund and Jane Asprusten have finally made it as simple as it sounds. Using their straightforward technique, novices and veterans alike can take their pick of dozens of gloves, hats, headbands, wrist warmers, bags, and scarves, in thin yarn or thick, with small beads or large, and craft fun and fancy accessories in style!
TABLE OF CONTENTSPreface 4Basic Tips 6Knitting with beads and single-color yarn 6Knitting multi-color patterns 7Short Cuts, Tips, and Abbreviations 8What you Need and Charts 8Knitting Needles, Gauge, and Sizing 8Yarn 8Beads and Washing 8Finding Beads 8Yarn Care 9Weaving in Yarn Ends 9Abbreviations 9HEAD AND SHOULDERS 11Tam with Beaded Leaves 12Easy Everyday Cap 16Black Cap with Woolen Beads 20Cap and Wrist Warmers with Buttons 22Light Gray Set with Cap and Wrist Warmers 26Light Blue Slouchy Cap and Wrist Warmers 28Cap and Half Gloves with Beads in Rows 30Black Ear Warmers with Transparent Beads 34With one ball of Sisu 36With two balls of Alfa 40Zippered Cowl 42Easy Lace Scarf 44Loop Stitch "Fur" Collar 46Long Star-Stitch Scarf 50Cozy Cowl with Bobbles 52Red Cowl with Matching Ear Warmers 54Wide Tube Cowl with Wool "Beads" 56Cowl and Ear Warmers made With Easy 58Scarf without a Wrong Side 62Necklace 66Poncho 70Shawl with Facet Beads 72Scarves 74Soul Warmer (Shrug) 78HANDS OUT IN THE WEATHER 82Stylish Garter Stitch Wrist Warmers 84Felted Garter Stitch Wrist and Ear Warmers 86Garter Stitch Set with thatLittle Something Extra 88Wrist and Ear Warmers 90Easy Lace Wrist Warmers 92Diagonal Rib Wrist Warmers 94Wrist Warmers that Dress up Your Jeans Outfit 96Black Cuffs with Bead Motifs 98Ruffled Wrist Warmers 100Gray and Purple Half Gloves 102Cuffs with Beads of Many Colors 106Felted Mittens, Big and Little 108Mittens with Silver Glass Beads and Lattice Knitting 112Traditional Mittens with Glass Beads 116SOMETHING TO CARRY IT IN 123Heavy Metal Bags 124Muff - Nostalgia for Frozen Fingers 128Single-crochet Jewelry Bags 132KNEES AND TOES 137Tube Socks/Spiral Socks 138Thick, Soft, Pretty, and Warm Slippers 140Boot Toppers with Beaded Lace 142Boot Toppers 146RESOURCES 148ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 148

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