Hamdulillah: Festival of World Sacred Music

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Hamdulillah (HOM doo lee luh), meaning "Praise be to Allah," is Sounds True's latest collection of music from the Fes Festival. From the whirling dervishes of Turkey to Javanese gamelan, this specially-priced two-disc set offers a dramatic and entertaining overview of the best the world has to offer in sacred music. Includes: Christian-Muslim canticles from medieval Spain; the Sufi music of Iran and Turkey; classical Indian dhrupad chant; Sephardic songs; Javanese gamelan; "moroccan roll" from the edge of the Sahara; and nine more. With color photos and background information on the Fes artists.

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Autor: Sounds True
ISBN-13 :: 9781564556486
ISBN: 1564556484
Gewicht: 127g
Sprache: Englisch
Laufzeit : 144 min.
Sonstiges: Audio-CD, 127x147x10 mm
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