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On this immaculate recording, NA3irA-n NA- Riain - renowned for her recordings with the monks of Glenstal - recreates 19 songs in the nearly-lost sean nA3s Gaelic vocal style. Her singing is like a voice from heaven - of startling clarity, blissful, and evocative of profound spiritual grace. Accompanied by pipe organ, Indian harmonium, pennywhistle, and the celebrated voices of the Benedictine monks of Glenstal Abbey. Recorded on the holy feast day of Saint Ciaran, this is music steeped in Irish mysticism - music that reverberates long afterward in the listener's mind. Eighteen traditional songs, including: Aamann MhagAine; Le hAis na SiAire; Sliabh Geal gCua; A BhArcaigh BhuA- A3n gCA(c)im; and more.

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Autor: Noirin Ni Riain
ISBN-13 :: 9781564553454
ISBN: 1564553450
Gewicht: 95g
Sprache: Englisch
Laufzeit : 053 min.
Sonstiges: Audio-CD, 160x147x10 mm
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