Hospitality with a Heart: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Lodging, Foodservice, and Tourism

Service Learning in the Discip
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Introduction--Joseph Koppel; It's Not either Be Involved or Look at the Bottom Line: Developing Hospitality Students into Community and Industry Leaders in a Post-September 11 World--Susan J. Cannery, Corrie Martin, and Nancy C. Northrop Wolanski; Enhanced Professional Socialization Through Service-Learning--Pamela Cummings, Ronald P. Cole, and James A. Myers; Assessing the Personal Impact of a Service-Learning Course Based in a Hospitality-Management Program at Cornell University--Therese A. O'Connor, Marge Dill, Nancy Burston, and Stephanie Rainsford; Service-Learning Best Practices in Hospitality and Tourism Education--Robert M. O'Halloran and Cynthia S. Deale; Service-Learning Projects for Extra Credit--Nancy Swanger; From Volunteerism to Service-Learning: A Recipe for the Success of Foodservice Education--Keith H. Mandabach; The Secret Ingredient in the New Recipe for Hospitality Education: Service-Learning as Andragogy--Joseph Koppel; Enhancing the Hospitality Curriculum with Service-Learning Vern Markey and Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs; Transforming Students and Communities Through Service-Learning--Tom Van Dyke.
Part of "AAHE and Campus Compact's" series on service-learning in the disciplines, this volume takes a look at the programs and practices of hospitality educators who have expertly woven service-learning into their curricula. It constitutes a useful introduction for both newcomers to service-learning and for experienced teachers.

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Autor: Joseph Koppel
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